Tech Gifts you can Give in kenya under kshs 2,000 !

December, the holiday season or rather Christmas for some, is a time for giving. People chose different things but with the uptake in technology and the smart world, we always need to be on the go and versatile. I decided to go for kshs 2,000 shillings because this is what i think is the best for everyone to give and be given. The first for my list is

Headphones or headsets

We all have that music junkie who loves listening to music but is on a sub-bar headset or headphones that can later damage their hearing or cause bad side effects later. Giving them quality headphones at a reasonable price will save them a great deal. You can check out OVLENG stereo  Headsets and CLIPTEC Metalica Talk2me BME 717 in-ear headphones at Jumia going for kshs 1,595 and  kshs 1,900 respectively. Both of these are of these have the best audio quality and balanced so that the listener can enjoy whatever they are listening to at a good price.

Power banks

Modern smartphones consume a lot of power yet battery technology has not improved save for size. I must admit that I have used Jua Energy power bank together with the people I travel with for some time now. It’s time to get them their own now. When i first bought the Jua Energy power bank(4400mAh), it went for kshs 1500 but now they are down by ksh 300. They now retail at kshs 1,200. check it out here at Jumia.


Digital TV decorder

Some months ago, these decoders were going for over kshs 4,000 . One of them is now going for kshs 1,799  thus making it to our list. That is GOtv digital decoder. It is good to buy it to people you love so that they are not locked out when the switch begins.

Bluetooth table speakers

Well , this is my favorite. If you are not careful too, you will end up keeping it and not giving . These are rechargeable speakers that you can use to listen to cool music when you are working or doing anything on your table. They are obviously of far much better quality than your smartphone speakers. You can pair it with your phone via Bluetooth and let the music soothe you. It goes for kshs 1,699. Check it out.